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The Shallow "N" by Rick Snow

The Shallow "N" reverse is found on coins prior to 1870 (some 1870, 1871, 1872, and all 1877 have Shallow N). 1873's are probably counterfeit, as are all others that don't seem to match. In fact, knowledge of the reverses can help tremendously with counterfeit detection. At the A.N.A. seminar I brought along this coin 1869cft to show to J.P. Martin and Bob Campbell (counterfeit detection instructors).

It appeared to be genuine until I explained the reverse, the Bold "N" on a 1969 is one year too early. I actually paid $200 to purchase this piece for training purposes, it's that well made. If I wasn't aware of the Bold "N"being introduced in 1870, this coin may have been mistaken as genuine.

The center of the "E'" is different also, on the Shallow "N", the E looks like at T. On the the Bold "N" it looks like a trumpet. In the following pic you can compare the two.



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